Getting Mikazuki Munechika in Persona 3 Reload


Getting Mikazuki Munechika in Persona 3 Reload

Hello, everyone who plays Persona 3 Reload! As a great tool for Junpei Iori, the Mikazuki Munechika is something you should definitely check out. This method is great for fights that happen in the middle of the game because it focuses on slashing. You need to do these things in order for Junpei to become a strong part of your team and for this weapon to be made.

Next, go to Mayoido Antiques.

Mayoido Antiques is the first stop on the way to Mikazuki Munechika. On July 18, this store will open in Paulownia Mall next to the pharmacy. It’s not like other weapon shops; they make one-of-a-kind things that you can’t find at the Police Station or in Tartarus.

Making Good Use of Your Gems

It’s likely that you have now gotten a lot of Gems from treasure boxes and Shadows. You may have seen that the Police Station is not a good place to sell these Gems. What Mayoido Antiques can do for you is useful. You can trade Gems for Gear, Accessories, Skill Cards, Incense, and Weapons.

Putting together the Mikazuki Munechika

Let’s start making that Mikazuki Munechika now. You can find it at Mayoido Antiques in the Quality Nihil Blade section. Don’t forget that only Junpei Iori can use this sword, but it’s well worth it for his character.

How to Make a Mikazuki Munechika

Gather Gems: Look for Gems as you explore Tartarus and fight Shadows.
Do you want to see Mayoido Antiques? Go to Paulownia Mall and look for the store next to the pharmacy.
Pick Goodness Nihil Blade: To start making the sword, go to the shop and choose this choice.

Why I love Mikazuki Munechika

This sword is not any gun. It works great for fights in the middle of the game and gives Junpei a big advantage in fights. Also, it’s always cool to give your characters unique tools.

It’s all about timing.

Do not forget that Mayoido Antiques starts on July 18th. Write that date down in the game. You should not pass up the chance to make this great tool.

Here are some other things you can do at Mayoido Antiques.

You can do a lot more at Mayoido Antiques than just make the Mikazuki Munechika. You can improve your whole team by trading in more Gems for other cool SLOT DEMO stuff.

Finally, get ready for battle.

Getting the Mikazuki Munechika in Persona 3 Reload is a fun quest that is well worth the time. You can make Junpei even better and get some cool new gear at the same time. Go to Mayoido Antiques and get those Gems. Then get ready to make one of the coolest guns in the game!