Challengers Japan Split 1: Most Watchers Country


Challengers Japan Split 1: Most Watchers Country

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Esports Charts says that the VALORANT Challengers Japan Split 1 has more watchers than 23 other leagues around the world. For now, this means that Japan is the best place to play VALORANT professional games.

Challengers Japan Split 1: Murash Gaming Has a Very Good Season

The match between Murash Gaming and NORTHEPTION, which was watched by 252,000 people, was one of the most exciting in the first split of the VALORANT Challengers Japan event. More people watched this amazing statistic at its peak than watched all of France, Turkey, Spain, and East together.

Challengers Japan Split 1: Japan’s enthusiasm is higher than that of Ascension Events.

Some people are noticing that VALORANT Challengers Japan Split 1 has had more views than any Ascension event held in the Americas, Pacific, or EMEA in the past year. A huge part of the Japanese game community is really excited about both the teams that are competing and VALORANT as a whole.

Challengers Japan Split 1: How Important Murash Gaming Is

Murash Gaming has been getting a lot of attention. It was founded in November 2022 by the Japanese streamer Junichi “UnkoChan” Kato. Within the VALORANT scene, the group has become an important player. Even though it is not known for taking sponsors and is fully funded by its owners. Because of the guidance of Ryumon “Reita” Oshiro, who used to be in DetonatioN FocusMe, Murash Gaming has filled the void that Crazy Raccoon left and stopped a possible drop in viewers.

Challengers Japan Split 1: Using a New Way to Sponsor Research

One of the unique things about Murash Gaming is the way the company handles advertising. Unlike most groups, it doesn’t have sponsors. Instead, the owner pays for all of its operations. Their effect on VALORANT Challengers Japan and the number of people who watched them at their peak show that their independent strategy has not slowed them down.

More people are watching because Murash Gaming’s owner

Murash Gaming’s owner, Junichi Kato, played a big role in the rise in viewers across the whole business. He got as many as 136,000 viewers on Twitch at its peak thanks to his co-streaming. Which made up the biggest share of all watching. Even when Murash Gaming wasn’t there, the league was still able to bring in a lot of fans—on average, 93,000 people watched every game.

When will the next step take by VALORANT Challengers Japan?

Even though the Regular Season isn’t even halfway over yet. There’s a chance that the number of viewers will hit even higher highs. The tier-one league season in Seoul starts this weekend with the VCT Pacific KICKOFF event. At this point, the question is whether the numbers will keep going up even though they could get even higher. The fact that Japan is still the best at VALORANT Challengers 2024 is definitely a trend. And it is realy needs to be closely watch.