Port City's 39th Season:

Taking Sides
By Ronald Harwood
Directed by Mary Ayala-Bush
Produced by Mary Beth Smith-Toomey
April 21-May 6, 2017
Performance Location: Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church


Taking Sides is set in the American Zone of occupied Berlin in 1946. It is here the American portion of the De-Nazification Tribunal has convened to take over the questioning of Wilhelm Furtwängler, one of the outstanding conductors of his time. Furtwängler was at the height of his career in 1933, eclipsing all other conductors, just as Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. As the terrors of Nazism spread, many of Furtwängler's colleagues fled the country, whether out of protest or persecution, but Furtwängler mysteriously chose to stay. Did he stay to do as much good as possible in the face of evil, as so many believe, or did he stay to serve Hitler, of which he was later accused? The Tribunal's evidence initially has been prepared by the British, and then taken over by two groups of Americans: one in Wiesbaden who assisted in Furtwängler's defense, the other in Berlin which helped build the case against him. Little is known of the motives and methods of this group, which is the focus of Taking Sides. What is known is that Furtwängler was humiliated, pursued and, even after his acquittal, disinformation followed him. This may or may not have been justified—it all depends on the side you take.


Fabulation, or the Re-education of Undine
By Lynn Nottage
Directed by Eleanore Tapscott
Produced by Eleanore Tapscott and Alan Wray
Produced in partnership with Dominion Stage
July 7-22, 2017
Special Performance Location: Gunston Theatre 2, 2700 S. Lang St., Arlington

Fabulation, by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage, tells the story of Undine Barnes Calles, a businesswoman who has created a successful public relations firm and suddenly sees her once-balanced life completely fall apart. Life is great for Undine until she is informed by her accountant that her husband has left her and taken all her money. With her life totally wrecked, Undine returns to Brooklyn and the life she left behind from her childhood. She meets up with her family, whom she has not seen in years, and all of whom, except for her grandmother, work as security guards. Undine encounters numerous travails that lead her to places like jail, an addiction support group, the welfare office, and eventually to a reunion with her husband. Through this painful but witty and funny journey, Undine learns about the importance of family and the simple things in life.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Juli Tarabek Blacker
Produced by Mary Beth Smith-Toomey and Alan Wray
October 13, 14, 20, 21, 26, 27 & 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Matinees: October 15 & 22, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Performance Location: Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy- with a twist. Hamlet returns home after her mother’s death to find that her father has married her aunt, ascending the aunt to the throne of Denmark. Her mother’s ghost appears, asking Hamlet to avenge her murder. Hamlet is then led on a twisting ride of madness, murder, and discovery.


Port City Playhouse performs at Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church, 3435 Sleepy Hollow Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22044, between Columbia Pike (Rte. 244) and Seven Corners. General admission tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors, military and students, and $16 for groups of ten or more. Since its founding in 1977, Port City Playhouse has regularly received awards from area theatre organizations for the artistic and technical excellence of its productions, recently earning the British Players’ prestigious 2012-13 Ruby Griffith First Runner-Up Award for its production of The Drawer Boy. That record of excellence continues in Port City’s 39th season. 


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39th Season- 2017
Taking Sides

Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine


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Medieval Story Land
Fool for Love
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Stupid F#@*ing Bird

37th Season - 2014/15
Black Hole
In The Next Room
Smellin' Up the Den
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Stick Fly


36th Season - 2013/14
The Children's Hour
Shiloh Rules
The Ballad of the Red Knight (a co-production with Red Knight Productions)
Next Fall

Blues for an Alabama Sky


35th Season - 2012/13
The Soul Collector
The Drawer Boy

Six Degrees of Separation


34th Season - 2011/12
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You and The Actor's Nightmare
Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts
The Dixie Swim Club
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me


33rd Season - 2010/11
Farragut North
No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs


32nd Season - 2009/10
Our Town
The Front Page


31st Season - 2008/09
An American Daughter
Veronica's Room
The Curious Savage


30th Season - 2007/08
To Gillian on her 37th Birthday
Wonder of the World
The Dresser
Split Second


29th Season - 2006/07
All My Sons
Anton in Show Business
Terra Nova
The Smell of the Kill


28th Season - 2005/06
The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia
Stop Kiss
Summer and Smoke


27th Season - 2004/05
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Collected Stories
Power Plays


26th Season - 2003/04
The Elephant Man
As Bees in Honey Drown
The Pavilion


Our 25th Anniversary Season - 2002/03
The Birds
The Waverly Gallery
Wrong Turn at Lungfish


24th Season - 2001/02
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
War of the Worlds / The Shadow
Because He Can
Suddenly Last Summer / Portrait of a Madonna


23rd Season - 2000/01
Breaking the Code
Molly Sweeney
Creation of the World and Other Business
Twilight of the Golds


To download a listing of Port City Playhouse list of plays performed in the first 25 Years, click HERE.